December 5, 2023

Jordan Wishner | Assistant Head of School talks about challenges that young adults with special needs face during puberty

This podcast discusses the unique challenges that young adults with special needs face during puberty. Puberty and Body Changes: Young adults with special needs may experience puberty earlier than their typically developing peers. This can lead to confusion and anxiety, especially when they are not prepared for the physical and emotional changes.
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The speaker, Jordan Wishner - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, emphasizes the importance of providing comprehensive support and education to young adults with special needs during puberty. Open communication, tailored education, and ongoing guidance can help them navigate this challenging phase and develop healthy relationships with themselves and others. Jordan started his career as a New York City special education teacher, then over time moved into social work, and ultimately into the world of admissions and administration. He brings each of these skill sets to his current work at Children’s Academy. ⁠
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