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The It’s Special Podcast is an informative and thoughtful blend of real-world insight, advice, and anecdotes from the top leaders and experts in the world of special needs, law, and civil rights.
About the Host

Tracey Spencer Walsh

Tracey Spencer Walsh is the Founder and Chief Litigation Strategist of Spencer Walsh Law, PLLC.

Over her last twenty-five years in the legal industry, Tracey has learned the litigation ropes in New York City “big law” law firms, honed her skills, and found success in Federal Courts litigating IDEA cases in her own practice; assisting families with special needs children to get the education they need and deserve.

Her passion for Special Education Law stems from her own personal connection to the field, having family members with autism and ADHD, allowing her to truly understand the struggles families endure. Tracey has dedicated her career to sharpening her vast expertise and successfully representing hundreds of families with children with autism, ADHD, mental health challenges, and a variety of learning disabilities. For her, there is nothing better than making a difference in a child’s life and helping families in need.
The people

Thought-leaders and experts

The It’s Special Podcast features a variety of thought-leaders and experts in varying roles in the world of special needs—from New York City school administrators and physicians to seasoned specialists and advocates—showcasing the impact they’ve made in their communities and for families and children with special needs.
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About the show