September 22, 2022

Dr. Ivy Feldman | Executive Director at The Keswell School

“Autism is a disorder of communication. So, it’s difficult for individuals with autism sometimes to communicate in a way where they’re understood, or they can advocate for themselves. In other ways, their communication is the most honest and genuine communication.”
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Host and Special Education Law Attorney Tracey Spencer Walsh speaks with Dr. Ivy Feldman, Executive Director at The Keswell School, about autism as a spectrum disorder and the misconceptions around autism. Tracey’s entire career has led up to this moment. Bringing her over twenty-five years of expertise in the legal industry to the air waves, Tracey dives deeper into the world of special needs and civil rights law to give parents the relevant and supportive information they crave and need, without having to sift through a mountain of articles or paperwork. It’s about cutting through the constant noise, pulling the most important tidbits out, and absorbing key advice and anecdotes that help you and your child excel on their journey. For more information about The Keswell School, visit
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